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HollisWealth® is a trade name of Investia Financial Services Inc. and HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd. Mutual Fund products provided by HollisWealth are provided through Investia Financial Services Inc. Insurance products provided by HollisWealth are provided through HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd. Sound Financial Strategies Inc is an independent company unrelated to HollisWealth and Investia Financial Services Inc. Investia Financial Services Inc. companies have no liability for Sound Financial Strategies.

The particulars contained herein were obtained from sources which we believe are reliable, but are not guaranteed by us and may be incomplete. The opinions expressed are those of the advisor alone and not those of HollisWealth. This website is not deemed to be used as a solicitation in a jurisdiction where this HollisWealth representative is not registered.


This video was prepared solely by David Yurich who is a registered representative of HollisWealth.  The views and opinions, including any recommendations expressed in this video are those of David Yurich only and not necessarily those of HollisWealth.

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