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Who we are…

SoundExecutive-SusanSound Financial Strategies Inc. provides the most up to date and relevant financial planning and insurance advice. Sound Financial Strategies Inc.* is an independent, multi-faceted financial planning firm. As a member of ADVOCIS (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada), the IAFP (Institute of Advanced Financial Planners), and the The Institute for Advanced Financial Education (The Institute), we have the expertise and knowledge required to assist you, your family, your partners or your company achieve financial success.  Our firm provides sound, practical financial advice in an easy to understand format.  As an Independent Organization, our firm has the necessary scope and resources needed to ensure your goals become a reality.

Our Mission Statement…

  • “The goal of our practice is to work with our clients to help them identify their dreams and goals.  Once completed, we then partner with them to understand the financial implications of the life decisions they make. All the members of our team are committed to serving our clients as unique partners, requiring individual solutions and well thought out strategies to empower them to make their own decisions. Above all else, we value the relationships and trusts that we build.”
  • “We believe in our clients’ ability to make their own decisions about the financial aspects of their lives, and feel we can best serve them by giving them the benefit of our experience and expertise. We will always view our products and services in terms of our clients’ needs, and we will continuously work together to help them build the kind of future they desire for themselves. We do all this in the spirit of family values, life enjoyment and good fellowship.”
  • “When our clients give us their trust and confidence, we return their gift with our caring and commitment to help them in any way we can. We view our relationships as true partnerships, demanding honesty, sharing and a joint search for ideas and solutions that will enrich their lives.”

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create and maintain investment portfolios that embody your goals, objectives and risk tolerance. We believe in achieving consistent returns while preserving your capital over the long term.

  • Our 5 Beliefs
    • True Financial Planners
    • Pension Style Approach
    • Maintain Objectivity
    • Tax Smart Investing
    • Manage Risk

Our Expertise

  • budgeting and cash flow, “where is my money going?”
  • net worth calculations, “what am I/we really worth today?”
  • historical and projected tax positions, “how can I reduce the income taxes I pay?”
  • asset allocation, “how do I properly invest my hard earned money properly?”
  • wealth accumulation, “what happens if I live to long?”
  • education planning, “will my kids/grandkids be able to go to school and get ahead?”
  • risk management, “what happens if you die too soon, become disabled or critically ill along the way?”
  • special needs for people with disabilities, “what financial and tax tools are available for me or my loved ones to make life easier?”
  • estate planning, “how do I ensure that my loved ones will receive what I intend them to receive at my death?”

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