The Financial Divorce Specialist

Providing professional financial projections for future lifestyle requirements

What is a Financial Divorce Specialist?

A Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS) is an accredited financial professional who has received specialized training through the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists in matters related to separation and divorce in order to provide an objective assessment of potential financial settlement scenarios.

A Financial Divorce Specialist does not offer legal opinion or advice.  An FDS follows a strict code of Ethics as monitored by both the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists and other relevant licensing authorities.

The Role of the Financial Divorce Specialist:

  • To assist lawyers and/or mediators in designing a settlement proposal that will maximize clients’ satisfaction considering the available financial options.
  • Provide financial analysis of the couples assets, liabilities, incomes, child and spousal support payments taking into consideration inflation and changing tax consequences.
  • Provide insight with respect to pension plans and other investment and insurance options including ongoing protection.
  • Show options for financial scenarios with future projections.
  • Educate clients about the tax and other financial consequences of retaining or giving up certain assets.
  • Counsel clients on budget management during a difficult period of transitioning.

How and when does an FDS enter the divorce process?

An FDS can be recruited directly by one or both parties and/or one or both lawyers or a mediator. A Letter of Engagement outlining the scope of services and cost is signed by the clients at the outset.

An FDS can work within the litigation, mediation or collaborative process. A retainer is secured based on the estimated amount of time to be devoted to the case including analysis and projections for various settlement options plus other services as described in this brochure.

An FDS can be engaged at any time in the process of separation and divorce: At the beginning to help collect financial data required, during deliberations to help analyze financial proposals and close to the end to evaluate scenarios and prepare future based projections to aid in the decision making process.

The traditional 50/50 division of assets can often be unsatisfactory in its outcome

After-tax financial projections can tell a different story

“increasingly, financial advisors, particularly those qualified as Financial Divorce Specialists are becoming involved in helping people through divorce”

Money Planner Magazine

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Susan Nardi
Hons B.A., CFP®, FDS

Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists (AFDS) Susan Nardi graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Degree in Economics. Susan is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Susan’s special training and experience in financial planning for separation and divorce provides the expertise to help achieve the most satisfactory long term financial settlements.


AFDS is an all Canadian Institution registered with Industry Canada

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